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The Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health and Center for Inclusive Child Care partnered to host this live conversation for professionals in the field of early care and education (funded through the MN Preschool Development Grant).

The Impact of Identity on Healing-Centered Practice

Pediatric Occupational Therapist Alyssa Mason describes how sensory activities may be used to support all children, with an emphasis on attending to the needs of children who have experienced trauma.

Sensory Strategies as Tools for Self-Regulation and Healing (Part 1)
Part 1: Focuses on the connections between sensory systems, self-regulation, co-regulation and the impact of trauma as well as what to pay attention to in group care environments and the importance of consent.
Sensory Strategies as Tools for Self-Regulation and Healing (Part 2)
Part 2: Demonstrates “hands on” and “hands off” strategies targeting each sensory system, along with strategies to request consent as well as what helps us know when strategies are working.