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33. Activity Level: Children Who Need to Move! Cindy and Priscilla discuss a temperament trait that is commonly associated with challenging behaviors in early childhood settings: activity level. While we often think first about a child who is really busy, children who have a low activity level need adaptations to the environment as well in order to have successful experiences. Listen to this podcasts for some strategies as you think about children and their movement in your programs. Podcast
34. Adaptability and Mood: How to Help Children with Change Some children have difficulty when it comes to adjusting to attempts to change or influence what they are doing. Change is often hard for many of us when we are doing something we really enjoy! When you also factor in a child’s natural mood, you can find yourself in a struggle with a young child. In this podcast, Cindy and Priscilla will talk about ideas to help children who may struggle with adapting to changes in their world. Podcast
35. Run Away or Run into Your Arms: Slow to Approach/Withdraw A child’s initial tendency to respond to a new experience, new person, or new environment can be either ‘arms open wide’ or ‘wait-and-see’. Both types of approaches need our guidance as early childhood professionals to be sure that children are getting the social interactions they need to be successful and validation for their sense of self-esteem. If you work with either or both of these temperaments, you’ll want to listen to this engaging podcast. Podcast
36. Intensity: I Want Your Energy! Intensity as a temperament trait is all about the amount of energy a child uses to express his emotions, and we know that some children cry, talk, and laugh more loudly than anyone else in the program! We want to honor this natural trait in children for the good things about high intensity while also giving children tools for impulse control and friendship skills. Join Priscilla and Cindy as they discuss children with high intensity and the energy they seek from others. Podcast
37. Emotional Sensitivity Emotional sensitivity is the ease or difficulty with which a child responds emotionally to situations. Some children are very sensitive to what is going around them while others seem oblivious to the feelings or mood of peers. How can we help children learn empathetic skills and also learn about their own feelings and how to express themselves to others? This podcast will look at children’s sensitivity levels and how we as professionals can guide them in their relationships with others. Podcast
38. Minnesota’s Special Needs Rate Listen to Laurie Possin, MN Department of Humans Service Child Care Assistance, and Chris Bentley, CICC, discuss the Minnesota special needs rate for children with disabilities who are part of the child care subsidy program. This informative podcast will answer many of your questions about when the SN rate applies and how to access this service. Podcast
39. Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails In this podcast, Cindy Croft and Priscilla Weigel will talk about little boys in early childhood programs. What do they need to be successful and how do educators use their skills to engage them? Boys are a frequent topic when it comes to inclusion consultation; we will share some tips on “What little boys are made of”. Podcast
4. Play Issues Podcast on "The Fundamentals of Consultation&": Inclusion specialist Priscilla Weigel describes the importance of play skills in young children and offers strategies to listeners on encouraging children who need to learn how to play. Children may sometimes use challenging behaviors because they haven t developed the social competencies needed to navigate a complex social world. Podcast
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