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Active Supervision in Early Childhood In this Info Mod, learners will examine the meaning of active supervision and will explore strategies for the implementation of active supervision practices. Info Module
Attachment: An Important Beginning This info module highlights the fact that during the first several years of a child’s life the relationships that are formed with others establish the foundations that support the physical, social, emotional and cognitive domains of human development. Info Module
Children and Stress - Early Childhood Strategies Examine the meaning of stress in the lives of young children. Explore strategies for decreasing stress in young children. Info Module
Children's Development: What to Expect and When to be Concerned In this CICC Info Module, participants will examine: Typical and atypical development in young children. Red flags for developmental issues Info Module
Continuity of Care for Infants and Toddlers In this Info mod, learners will identify the benefits of continuity of care and will examine three options for creating continuity of care in child care settings. Info Module
Developing Health Care Plans for Children with Special Health Care Needs This info module addressed the importance of a written plan of care from a health care provider when enrolling a child with special health care needs in an early care and education program. The health care plan should be reviewed annually, following any hospital visits or stays and whenever there are changes in medication or treatment. Info Module
Divorce and Its Impact on Infants and Toddlers: Strategies for Support in Early Childhood Programs This info module provides an overview and strategies for supporting children who are experiencing the emotional impact of divorce. Info Module
Early Language Development - Infant and Toddler - Birth through Three Participants of this info module will: Explore the components of communication. Explore the components of listening, hearing, and processing, as well as how they relate to receptive language skills. Describe the sequence of verbal communication development from cooing to babbling, vocabulary, and sentence acquisition. Define “pragmatics” and how it pertains to the social function of language. Info Module
Early Language Development - The Preschool Years Participants of this info module will: Explore the components of communication  Recognize the systems of listening, hearing, and processing and how they relate to receptive language skills Describe the milestones notable in phonetics, vocabulary, and syntax development during the preschool years Define “pragmatics” and how it impacts the social function of language. Recognize techniques used to communicate with a child learning two languages. Info Module
Emergency Child Care Supply Kits One of the components of emergency preparedness is to ensure that the program has supplies and food in case of the need to shelter-in-place or evacuate. This info module provides suggestions for items to be included in child care emergency kits. Info Module