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Follow Along Program: Minnesota Department of Health Our guest Michele Kvikstad, Program Coordinator for Follow Along in Minnesota joins us to share about this wonderful free program for families.  Michele highlights the way the Follow Along Program helps support caregivers of infants and young children to track their child's development and let you know if your child is playing, talking, growing, moving, and behaving like other children the same age. Listen and learn more about this great free resource for families. https://www.health.state.mn.us/mnfap   Podcast
Caring for Multi Aged Groups in a Family Child Care Setting Kim Woehl, one of our CICC Coaches and a former licensed family child care provider, joins this episode.  Kim has many useful insights as to how to meet the needs of many different children at various ages and stages in the family child care setting.  She shares strategies related to building a flexible yet consistent routine, and tip and tricks that calm chaos and meet varied needs.    Podcast
KIDS, SLEEP AND COVID-19 Research shows that quality sleep is essential when it comes to health for both children and adults. Ensuring that your child gets an adequate amount of quality sleep can help boost their immune system and keep families healthy. This is a high priority during COVID-19, but also vital for health year-round. Website
La importancia del juego (The Importance of Play in a Child's Life ) Escuché a nuestros invitados, Ronan y Karina, hablar sobre la importancia del juego en el desarrollo de los niños pequeños. Ronan destaca formas en las que podemos fomentar el juego positivo tanto dentro como fuera del salón de clase. Únase a nosotros mientras exploramos estas ideas.Listen in as our guests, Ronan and Karina, talk about the importance of play in the development of young children. Ronan highlights ways that we can encourage positive play both within the classroom and out. Join us as we explore these ideas.  Podcast
Muhimadda joogtaynta iyo jadwalka horumarinta caafimaadka (The Importance of Routines and Schedules for Children's Health Development) Marak dhallaanka iyo socodbaradka ay qayb ka yihiin waxqabadyada iyo caadooyinka caadiga ah ee la yaqaan, waxay la koraan xiriirka dadka ay la falgalaan waxayna helaan dareen lahaanshaha iyo isku kalsooni iyo kalsooni dheeraad ah marka hawl maalmeedkooda la saadaaliyo lana yaqaan. Jadwal maalinle ah oo joogto ah iyo nidaamyo tallaabo  tallaabo  ah ayaa carrurta siinayo maalin la saadaalin karo. Jadwalka iyo niddamka joogtada ah ee goobta daryeelk kooxda iyo gurigaba waxay caawiyaan carruurta. Podcast
Multilingual Learner Support through WIDA Early Years WIDA stands for World Class Instructional Design and Assessment and is part of the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research at UW Madison. They are THE experts in working with Multilingual Learners and their families.  Listen and learn how to meet one of the new Minnesota Knowledge and Competency Framework new competency areas, Working with Multilingual Learners and their Families.  Join us as we welcome Cindy Check and Carmen Cook who are partnering with the MN Department of Education and working to lead this work to share free resources and essential actions for all those working with young children, equipping them to support multilingual learners.  To learn more about the available resources for educators working with young multilingual learners and their families, visit MDE: Multilingual Learners. You will find links to gain access to the WIDA Early Years training as well as additional resources and support.  For information regarding training support, please contact Cindy Check at cindycheck61@gmail.com or 952-594-2745.   Podcast
"Just Breathe" Helps Kids Deal with Emotions "Just Breathe" is a short film that can be used to help children deal with emotions. Emotional responses are hard to navigate at any age. Figuring out how and what you are physically feeling is particularly challenging when you're feeling things like rage, sadness, disgust, and confusion for the first time. Sometimes, though, the best thing to do is just breathe. Website
1-2-3 Trauma-Sensitive Toolkit for Caregivers This toolkit was developed by public health nurses with the Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) Weaving Bright Futures Program. Their goal was to improve the resilience of caregivers and the children in their care. It is intended to support caregivers on their journey toward trauma sensitivity. It is organized by topic. Each topic contains a brief overview, specific tools that can be used with children, and suggestions on where to find more information. Also included are handouts that can be used as teaching aids. Each toolkit topic builds upon the previous ones. Website
10 Routines That Will Strengthen a Parent-Child Relationship We all crave those close moments with our children that melt our hearts. Connection is as essential to us as it is to our children. When our relationship is strong, it's also sweet, so we receive as much as we give. That's what makes parenting worth all the sacrifices. Researchers remind us that we need five positive interactions to each negative interaction to keep a relationship healthy. Here are ten that don't add time to your day, but do add connection. Website
10 Things Every Child Needs (Videos) At birth, an infant's brain is only 25 percent of the size of an average adult's brain. Incredibly, by age 3, a child's brain has grown to 90 percent of that an adult's brain. During infancy and early childhood, children are flooded with new experiences that impact their brain development. The first 3 years of a child's life offer parents and other caregivers an amazing opportunity to shape the child's growth and form healthy habits that will last a lifetime. This site offers 10 videos discussing ways to facilitate child development from birth to three. Website