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89 Percent of Parents Would Have Emotionally Healthier Kids If They Stopped This 1 Habit Researchers found a connection between parents who stopped to interact with devices such as phones, tablets, or laptops during time with their children and those children's behavioral problems, including hyperactivity, whining, and tantrums. Document
A Conversation with Grandma This short YouTube video highlights the importance of having a conversation with babies.  Grandparents can be wonderful conversation partners! Website
A Universal Checklist for Early Intervention This Practice Guide from TRACE (Tracking, Referral, and Assessment Center for Excellence) provides a universal checklist for identifying infants and toddlers that may be eligible for early intervention. The checklist was specifically developed to facilitate and streamline the identification of potentially eligible children without the need to administer screening or developmental tests and was designed to be used by primary referral sources to make referrals to early intervention. Document
A Year of Play Here is a list of fun seasonal activities for infants and toddlers from Zero to Three.  Just click on the month to find activities that promote your child's development all year. Website
ABCteach abctools® abcteach designs tools to help teachers create the documents they need for their classrooms when they can't find exactly what they are looking for elsewhere. We currently have tools for creating ABC Sorts, handwriting worksheets, crossword puzzles, shapebooks, spelling lists, circle and spell lists, word walls, word unscrambles, word searches, math worksheets, word shapes, and sudoku. Popular tools include Month to Month, Holidays, Handwriting, Teaching Extras, Center Signs, Math, Labels, Theme Signs, Portfolios. There are many resources that can be downloaded at no cost. Website
Abuuritaanka Jawi Ciyaarta ku Fiican (Creating a Rich Play Environment) Mid ka mid ah doorka daryeel-yaqaan hore iyo aqoon-yahan waxbarasheed ayaa ah ka naqshadeeyaha deegaanka ay carruurtu ku ciyaaraan kuna bartaan Xaashidan tilmaantu waxay bixisaa istaraatiijiyado iyo fikrado ku saabsan abuurista jawi ciyaaro hodan ku ah carruurta yaryar. Tipsheet
ABUURITAANKA JAWI CIYAARTA KU FIICAN (CREATING A RICH PLAY ENVIRONMENT) Podcastigan wuxuu ku bilaaban in ciyaartu tahay ‘shaqadii caruurta’. Ilmaha oo loo diyaariyo meel amaan ah, nugul, oo daryeel fiican leh waa siyaabo loogu diyaarin kara ilmaha Jawi Ciyaarta ku Fiican  --Maxaa yeelay ciyaartu aad bay mihiim ugu tahay dhan walba oo nolosha ilmaha maadaama ciyaartu ilmuhu ku koraan, waxna ku bartaan. In this podcast, we begin presenting play as ‘children’s work’. In those lenses, creating safe, responsive, and nurturing environments are important parts of supporting the learning and development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Strategies for creating play rich environment are offered in the podcast. Podcast
Active Supervision: Free Time Caregivers are responsible for keeping children safe. Active supervision requires constant vigilance, focused attention, and intentional observation of children at all times.  Tipsheet
Activities for Bonding and Learning from Birth to 12 Months "Try these fun games and activities [from Zero to Three] with your children and watch how their eagerness to learn and their relationship with you grow! Website
Activities Guide: Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence Executive function and self-regulation skills provide critical supports for learning and development, and while we aren't born with these skills, we are born with the potential to develop them through interactions and practice. This 16-page guide describes a variety of activities and games that represent age-appropriate ways for adults to support and strengthen various components of EF/SR in children. Website