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Exceptional Parent Magazine Exceptional Parent Magazine provides information, support, ideas, encouragement, and outreach for families of children with disabilities and the professionals that work with them. Topics covered include technology, health care, toys, financial planning, and mobility. They also have a library that contains books, videos, and software for parents, educators, and professionals encompassing 50 need-specific and general categories. Website
Families: The Process of Grief and Loss of Dreams (Conclusion) In the final session in this series, Priscilla Weigel and Cindy Croft will offer insights into some of the responses that may come from a family when they are told there are red flags in their child’s development. As parents grapple with developmental information, they will need ongoing support and understanding from the early educator and program staff. We can be an important partner in a journey that is just beginning. Podcast
Fargo Moorhead Families for Early Autism Treatment Fargo Moorhead Families for Early Autism Treatment (FMFEAT) is a group of parents of children with autism. They follow the model of Intensive Behavior Intervention and the Families for Early Autism Treatment. The website provides information and support for families in the Fargo Moorhead Area including advocacy, reference books, and screening tools. Website
Federal Funding and Young Children: Directions, Opportunities and Challenges to States in Building Early Childhood Systems The BUILD Initiative published a paper, entitled Federal Funding and Young Children: Directions, Opportunities, and Challenges to States in Building Early Childhood Programs (2009), by Charles Bruner. The report highlights current and new federal sources of funding for early learning programs and discusses the challenges states are facing in trying to effectively coordinate and use this array of federal funding to build integrated early childhood systems. Website
First Signs Firstsigns is dedicated to early identification and intervention of developmental delays and disorders. This website provides screening information and tools. Website
First Words Project FIRST WORDS Project website is a model early identification and intervention program based in the Department of Communication Disorders at Florida State University. This project uses the evaluation tool developed by Wetherby and Prizant (2001), the Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales- Developmental Profile (CSBS-DP). The purpose of the CSBS-DP is twofold: first, for early identification of children who have or are at-risk for developing a communication impairment; and second, to monitor changes in a child's communication, expressive speech, and symbolic behavior over time. This site contains recent convention handouts from this project, the infant/toddler checklist with scoring instructions and cutoffs. This site also includes a links area. Website
Hablando sobre Preocupaciones Educacionales: IDEA Los padres deben recibir una copia de  sus garantías procesales y derechos durante el proceso de educación especial. Esta información contiene data útil acerca de cuales derechos los padres tienen y como hacerlos valer. Una revisión de estos derechos puede asistir a las familias en tomar el próximo paso.  Tipsheet
Help Me Grow part 1 What is it and when should I refer a child? Join Cindy Croft and Priscilla Weigel as they talk with special guest Jayne Cox-Lindsey, Intake and Resource Specialist, Early Childhood Referral and Intake for Moundsview-Roseville-White Bear Lake School Districts. Jayne shares information of the roll of Help Me Grow in our state, the referral process, who should be referred, and why child care providers are a critical piece of the early intervention process. Podcast
Help Me Grow part 2: When I make a referral, what happens next? Join Cindy Croft and Priscilla Weigel as they continue their discussion with Jayne Cox-Lindsey, Early Childhood Referral and Intake for Moundsview- Roseville-White Bear Lake School Districts. Jayne shares with our listeners the next steps that occur once a child enters the Help Me Grow referral process. An example of a referral success story is shared by Jayne which points out the collaborative process that create success for a child and a family. Podcast
Help Me Grow: When Parents Know, Children Grow Description of the referral process to Help Me Grow in Minnesota. Tipsheet