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Challenging Behavior: Putting the Pause Button between Impulse and Action [Dabeecadaha adag: Xakamaynta damaca inta uusan cunugu ficil qaadin] Markii macalinka ubadka yar yar waxbara uu cunugu laficiltamo, qof guuleeysanaya majiro.  Waxaan rabnaa caruurtu in ay bartaan in ay iskood wax u qabsadaan in ay yeeshaan xilkasnimo.  Waxaa masana lagarabaa caruurtii in ay waafaqsanyihiin nadaamka kajira goobta xanaanada iyo wax barashada iyo in ay bulshada xiriir wanaagsan lasamaystaan.  Maqaalkaan wuxuu kusiinayaa xeelado aad kaga caawinaysid caruurta in ay dhanka wanaagsan wax ka abaaran.   Podcast
Challenging Behaviors and Disenrollment: Steps to Prevention This info module discusses the drastic increase in the rate of expulsion in early care and education and offer proactive and preventive strategies to promote children's success. Info Module
Challenging Behaviors in Child Care, by C. Bentley When challenging behaviors happen in child care, facilitating the responses of the children, parents, and staff in a program can also be challenging. Some of these behaviors can include a child biting another child, hitting or scratching, or using other forms of aggression. Website
Child and Adolescent Mental Health The Child and Adolescent Mental Health website is part of the National Institute of Mental Health. The site contains books, fact sheets, and summaries for the public, practioners, and researchers. The information ranges from ADHD to Youth in a Difficult World. Website
Child Care and the ADA Booklet Opportunities and Resources for Child Care Providers and Families is an easy to read document on the ADA regulations and how they interface with childcare. Document
Child Development Institute This award winning site offers information on child development, child psychology, parenting, learning, health and safety as well as childhood disorders such as attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and autism. It provides comprehensive resources and practical suggestions for parents covering toddlers to teens. Website
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity The Children and Adults with Attention/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) website provides comprehensive information related ADHD. Information is available regarding organization membership, fact sheets, legislative information, research information, conference info, FAQ sheets and an online magazine. Spanish translation of IDEA and ADA is also available. Website
Children with Special Needs: Transitions Routine and clear expectations support success in all children and especially those children with unique learning and social needs. Planned and structured transitions can be a helpful part of a successful daily routine which provides a consistent foundation to all other learning that will occur throughout the day. Tipsheet
Children's Mental Health Fact Sheets The Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health has recently released their newly-updated facts sheets from the most recent edition of An Educator's Guide to Children's Mental Health. These fact sheets provide clear descriptions of children's mental health disorders for parents, educators, and others who work with children. Website
Children’s Mental Health Resource Guide This guide is designed to help caregivers navigate the multiple complex systems they may encounter when advocating on behalf of the children in their care.    Document