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Asthma Topic Sheet Asthma Topic Sheet Document
Autism Resource Directory This resource guide is for families and caregivers of young children with autism spectrum disorders. Whether your child is just beginning the assessment process or already receives services, you undoubtedly will have questions. You will get a lot of information from many sources--perhaps too much information! It is time consuming and can be confusing to sort through and decide what is best for your family. We hope that this guide can be a valuable tool in your family's journey. We also hope that having this information all in one source will provide you with more time for the important things in life--you and your family. Document
Autism Speaks Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions--across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan--for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorder; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions. Autism Speaks enhances lives today and is accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow. Website
AWAARE Collaboration The Autism Wandering Awareness Alerts Response and Education (AWAARE) Collaboration is a working group of six national non-profit autism organizations whose mission is to prevent autism-related wandering incidents and deaths. Website
Babies and Pacifier Use This Brush Up on Oral Health Newsletter from the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center has (ECLKC) has some useful information and tips to share with family members on the use of pacifiers. Document
Baby Center This site offers information on developmental milestones, interactive charts for your child, blogs and discussion boards, and links to news articles. Website
Baby Teeth Link Autism and Heavy Metals A recent study from the NIEHS has discovered that children with autism have more toxic lead and less of the essential nutrients zinc and manganese in their baby teeth, as compared to teeth of children who do not have autism. The differences in metal absorption for children with or without autism were especially significant during the months just before and after birth. The findings suggest that autism begins in the womb, and that our environment can increase a child's risk. Website
Basic Tips to Keep Children in Child Care Safe Outdoors Children love to play outdoors. It is a wonderful place to test one's physical abilities and to just have fun. Keeping children safe outdoors requires some special precautions. Here are some tips for keeping children in your child care program safe outdoors. Website
Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc. The Birth Defects Research for Children, Inc. organization is a membership site that seeks to educate parents of children with birth defects and create a network of information and personal exchange pertaining to birth defects. Newsletters, phone info, products and services are available. Website
Birth Injury Guide Visit BirthInjuryGuide.org for comprehensive information on many types of birth injuries, including symptoms, causes, treatment, and more. The mission of the website is to provide answers to parents of a child affected by a birth injury. http://www.birthinjuryguide.org/ Document