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He likes to play alone.(Part 2) In Part 2 of this series Cindy Croft, Dea Anderson, and Priscilla Weigel continue their discussion about play challenges for children on the Autism Spectrum. They discuss some key strategies that assist children in building skills and interest in interactive play. Discussion Question. In the podcast Cindy, Priscilla and Dea discuss the importance of Proximity, Practice, and Partnering. Discuss ways you can implement these tools in your setting. Podcast
Heads Up Now! Heads Up Now! is designed to provide expert information and products for special needs children. Items are for sale on the website including items for reducing distractions, help in reading, sensory/fidgeting items to name a few. Many of the items are good for children who have ADHD or other challenging behaviors. Website
Helping the Child Who is Anxious Anxiousness and anxiety are common emotions that everyone feels at one time or another Tipsheet
Helping Toddlers Understand Emotion The strategy of helping toddlers understand emotion may reduce behavioral problems later on, finds a federally funded study led by a Michigan State University researcher. The study, published in the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, could ultimately help those most in need. Toddlers with higher risk, specifically those with more behavioral problems and from the most disadvantaged families, benefited most from being taught about emotion by their mothers. Document
Henry Occupational Therapy Services, Inc. Diana A. Henry, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA and Henry OT Services, Inc. offer school based and individual occupational therapy services to support the mandates of 'No Child Left Behind'. Along with her husband, Rick Ruess, they provide products and workshops across the USA and internationally. Our mission is to promote understanding and awareness of issues related to sensory processing, sensory integration and the sensory systems. These may influence attention, motor coordination, social participation, behavior and even violence in schools. Website
Hidden Allergies: Cause for Disruptive Behavior, Sensory Issues and Poor Retention? This article contains information regarding allergies and how they may affect learning and behavior. Website
How to Discipline Toddlers As they test their independence, setting and enforcing limits lays the groundwork for good behavior. Document
How to Handle a Toddler Meltdown Toddler Tantrums are like earthquakes. They can be short, localized and relatively painless, or they can be long, far-reaching and destructive. Toddler tantrums have no regard for the time of day or for your current location — they strike without warning and, often, without mercy.  Document
How to Prevent Disenrollment in Child Care This tip sheet is designed to give you strategies to prevent disenrollment of a child with challenging behaviors.  Tipsheet
How to Prevent Disenrollment in Child Care Strategies to prevent suspension and expulsion of children with challenging behaviors. Tipsheet