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1. The Fundamentals of Consultation Podcast on "The Fundamentals of Consultation&": What is inclusion consultation and how does it benefit children with special needs in early childhood programming? In this first of a series of podcasts on the topic of inclusion consultation, Priscilla Weigel describes the role of the consultant in helping children and staff feel successful! Podcast
100 Calm Down Strategies It's unlikely someone can be calmed down by being told to CALM DOWN. In fact, just the opposite usually happens. So what can you do when a child is nervously waiting for someone to arrive, refusing to go to the dentist or running in circles out of excitement? Click the link below to access a toolkit of calm down tools and strategies that you can access before, during, and after a crisis. Website
12. The Importance of Planned Transitions (Part one) Transitions—they can often make or break the day! Planning for the transitions that are a necessary part of the day is key to helping children be successful and for avoiding challenges that might derail that success. But what do planned transitions look like? Listen as expert Priscilla Weigel discusses some tips on charting success. Podcast
13. Strategies for Successful Transitions (Part two) In Part Two of our discussion on transitions, we will look at some specific strategies for making your transitions more successful. Included in this podcast will be activities to involve children and staff before and during transitions in order to avoid pitfalls around challenging behaviors. Podcast
16. Play: Helping Children Who Seem Anxious or Distracted (Part Three) Do you have children in your program who are reluctant to join others in play, or perhaps aren’t invited to join in because they seem too aloof? All children need one another to learn social competencies and to graduate to more complex social skills. So what can be done? We will discuss some scenarios for why a child might have these play issues and some strategies for easing anxiety and helping children connect with one another. Podcast
17. Play: Helping Children Who are Ignored or Rejected by Peers (Part Four) In this concluding podcast on play concerns, we will look at some of the reasons a child might be ‘forgotten’ by his peers or even rebuffed when trying to join in play. Inclusion consultant Priscilla Weigel will share tools for the early educator to help the group include one another and build an atmosphere of acceptance. Podcast
18. Who’s in Control and Why Does it Matter? In this podcast, Cindy Croft and Priscilla Weigel discuss the struggle that can sometimes arise between the early educator and a child in finding the balance between limit setting and power struggle. Some children can literally ‘run’ the program—how does this happen and how does the staff regain control? Priscilla shares some real life examples that can help shift the balance again. Podcast
2. The Emotional Environment Podcast on "The Emotional Environment&": Inclusion specialist Priscilla Weigel speaks with Cindy Croft about the impact of the "emotional" environment on children s behavior. Setting up the environment for children s success is a key piece for all early childhood or school-age practitioners to consider Podcast
28. Sit Still, Don't Touch, Wait...Are we setting children up for Success? In this podcast, we will continue the last conversation by looking at 4-5 year olds. It is easy at times to see a child’s behavior outside of the context of their age and stage. When we look again at what we are hoping to teach children in a larger sense, we can begin to appreciate some of those challenging behaviors as their way at reaching important milestones. Podcast
3. The Physical Environment Podcast on "The Physical Environment&": Inclusion specialist Priscilla Weigel shares stories and examples with CICC Director Cindy Croft on how the physical environment of a child care setting, including schedules and routines, can have a dramatic affect on the behaviors of young children. Podcast