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1. The Fundamentals of Consultation Podcast on "The Fundamentals of Consultation&": What is inclusion consultation and how does it benefit children with special needs in early childhood programming? In this first of a series of podcasts on the topic of inclusion consultation, Priscilla Weigel describes the role of the consultant in helping children and staff feel successful! Podcast
10 Accessible and Sensory-Friendly Halloween Ideas for Kids who are Blind or Visually Impaired Although originally designed for children with visual impairments, this resource offers activities that all children would find enjoyable! Website
10 Alternatives to Restraining a Child with Special Needs The purpose of restraining is to keep something from continuing to take place, and is often a last resort. Here are 10 different strategies that parents and caregivers can try to minimize and avoid physical restraining their children, that may help prevent the need for it at all Website
10 Halloween Safety Tips for Children with Special Needs Check out these safety tips from the National Lekotek Center for all children to ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween! Document
10. Inclusion: The Foundation of Our Practice (Part one) In this podcast, we take a closer look at the DEC and NAEYC Joint Position Statement on Inclusion and how its application can help us promote inclusion within our settings. The important elements of access, participation and supports are basic to the needs of all children and staff and become cornerstones for successful inclusive settings. Podcast
11. Inclusion: Activities to Promote Belonging (Part two) In Part Two of our discussion on inclusion, we will look at strategies and activities that can help promote inclusion in early childhood programs. While inclusion can be seen as developmentally appropriate practice, it also takes intentionality on the part of teachers and providers to ensure that all children feel included and accepted in the community of child care. Podcast
16. Play: Helping Children Who Seem Anxious or Distracted (Part Three) Do you have children in your program who are reluctant to join others in play, or perhaps aren’t invited to join in because they seem too aloof? All children need one another to learn social competencies and to graduate to more complex social skills. So what can be done? We will discuss some scenarios for why a child might have these play issues and some strategies for easing anxiety and helping children connect with one another. Podcast
17. Play: Helping Children Who are Ignored or Rejected by Peers (Part Four) In this concluding podcast on play concerns, we will look at some of the reasons a child might be ‘forgotten’ by his peers or even rebuffed when trying to join in play. Inclusion consultant Priscilla Weigel will share tools for the early educator to help the group include one another and build an atmosphere of acceptance. Podcast
22 Respectful Ways to Respond when Someone Uses the "R" Word How many of us have been in a conversation with someone--a friend or coworker, or perhaps a new acquaintance--and he or she casually uses the R-word in a derogatory way? It can be a difficult situation to navigate, especially with someone you're not totally comfortable with. What's the best way to express how problematic and hurtful that word can be? We teamed up with Spread the Word to End the Word to ask our Facebook communities how they respond (respectfully) when it happens. These are just some of the great suggestions we received. Document
23. Sharing Concerns with Families: Observations and Recordings (Part 1) In this podcast, we will begin a series on the sensitive topic of how to share developmental concerns with families. The first steps in talking to families about a developmental red flag is to have objective, nonjudgmental observations and recordings that can give them an accurate developmental picture. This is foundational to a successful conversation and will help allay some of your anxiousness as you approach families with your concerns. Podcast