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10 Accessible and Sensory-Friendly Halloween Ideas for Kids who are Blind or Visually Impaired Although originally designed for children with visual impairments, this resource offers activities that all children would find enjoyable! Website
10 Alternatives to Restraining a Child with Special Needs The purpose of restraining is to keep something from continuing to take place, and is often a last resort. Here are 10 different strategies that parents and caregivers can try to minimize and avoid physical restraining their children, that may help prevent the need for it at all Website
10 Halloween Safety Tips for Children with Special Needs Check out these safety tips from the National Lekotek Center for all children to ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween! Document
12 Easy Ways to Help Burn Energy and Calm Children of All Abilities “Many parents are now working from home and trying to juggle distance learning for their children.”  Fraser has come up with some ideas to help. Website
22 Respectful Ways to Respond when Someone Uses the "R" Word How many of us have been in a conversation with someone--a friend or coworker, or perhaps a new acquaintance--and he or she casually uses the R-word in a derogatory way? It can be a difficult situation to navigate, especially with someone you're not totally comfortable with. What's the best way to express how problematic and hurtful that word can be? We teamed up with Spread the Word to End the Word to ask our Facebook communities how they respond (respectfully) when it happens. These are just some of the great suggestions we received.  Website
50 Mums - 50 Kids - 1 Extra Chromosome Wouldn’t Change A Thing is an organization that focuses on “Creating a world where negative perceptions of down syndrome are a thing of the past. The mums in this video and the dad who created it met online and got together to show the world just how ordinary and fun life with the condition is and how they 'Wouldn't Change a Thing'. It features a carpool karaoke lip sync in support of World Down Syndrome Day 2018 and features 50 mums and their children singing along to Christina Perri's multi-platinum selling track, 'A Thousand Years'. This video inspired the start of Charity 'Wouldn't Change A Thing' which was set up in June 2018." Website
6 Reasons to Sing & Sign with Young Children From Brookes Publishing Blog: "Studies have shown that teaching sign language to all young children has a wide range of social and early academic benefits. In her book Sing & Sign for Young Children, music therapist and early childhood specialist Dr. Anne Meeker Watson introduces a highly effective way to teach and practice ASL sign vocabulary—by pairing it with music and play during everyday classroom routines. Excerpted and adapted from Dr. Meeker Watson’s warm and lively book, today’s post outlines 6 important things that singing and signing with young children can do."   Website
8 Multicultural Children's Books Featuring Blind Children Inspired by the UK initiative called Make a Noise in Libraries, which aims to make libraries more accessible and inclusive for visually impaired readers, this blog's author began putting together this list of multicultural children's books featuring blind children. Website
8 Things Caregivers Can Do to Ease Young Children’s Anxiety "Young children who frequently experience anxious feelings need patient, caring, and knowledgeable adults to provide them with effective support. Adapted from the home visiting guidebook Tackling the Tough Stuff by Angela Tomlin and Stephan A. Viehweg, the tips in [this blog post from Brooke's Publishing] can help. Share these ideas with the parents of young children—and adapt them for any setting to help kids work through their fears and worries." Website
8 Ways you can Dress your Child for Sensory Friendly Success Whether your school has a dress code or you get to select your own clothes, dressing in a sensory smart way can be the difference between comfort and misery or attention and distraction. Let's see how your kids can dress for school success! Document