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Educational Activities, Inc. Educational Activities is proud to bring you some of the best-loved and most unique educational CD's, DVD's, Videos and Children's Books available. From preschool legends such as Hap Palmer and Ella Jenkins to Middle School Science DVD's to Adult Job Skills Videos to Professional Development Videos and DVD's -- we continue to publish the most up-to-date educational activities for students of all ages. Website
Enchanted Learning Enchanted Learning contains over 20,000 web pages in the areas of the alphabet, books to print, geography, math, animals, calendars graphic organizers, picture dictionaries, art, crafts, and K-3 Theme Pages. Website
Estrategias de intervención sensorial y adaptaciones ambientales (Sensory Intervention Strategies and Environmental Adaptations) Los niños con trastorno del procesamiento sensorial (SPD) pueden ser hipersensibles o poco sensibles (o una combinación de ambos) a los estímulos. Aprenda a crear un entorno predecible y estructurado en su entorno de cuidado infantil, que puede mejorar el desempeño de un niño con SPD. Tipsheet
Estrategias para prevenir comportamientos desafiantes (Strategies to Prevent Challenging Behaviors) Las siguientes estrategias pueden ayudar a prevenir comportamientos desafiantes, así como apoyar positivamente a todos los niños en su programa, ya sea que utilicen o no comportamientos desafiantes de manera constante. The following strategies can help prevent challenging behaviors as well as positively support all children in your program, whether or not they consistently use challenging behaviors. Tipsheet
Family Style Meals Family style dining is a mealtime approach that child care programs can implement to help support children with healthy eating and developmentally appropriate behavior. This tip sheet covers the importance of family style dining and how to successfully implement this style into an early child care program. Tipsheet
Fear and Anxiety: An Age by Age Guide to Common Fears, The Reasons for Each, and How to Manage Them This helpful resource breaks down childhood fears by ages and then explains them. Website
Four Important Things to Know About the Transition to School The March 2015 newsletter from the Harvard Family Research Project offers resources to support the process of transition to school. Research shows that children from homes with increased social and economic risk benefit the most from activities that support smooth transitions; yet these are the children least likely to receive them. Features in the newsletter offer both the evidence-base supporting the importance of the transition to school and profiles of programs that are working to support equitable and effective transitions for children and families. Document
Gender-Expansive and Transgender Children: Books for Students Gender-Expansive and Transgender Children: Books for Students Document
Guidance in Choosing Developmental Screening Instruments The Commonwealth Fund has released a new manual entitled Pediatric Developmental Screening: Understanding and Selecting Screening Instruments, by Dennis Drotar, Terry Stancin, and Paul Dworkin. It is based on a comprehensive review of scientific research and is meant to assist providers in selecting and using screening instruments that are appropriate for their practice settings. Website
Hands On As We Grow Resources to Find Lots of Activities for Kids Website