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American Occupational Therapy Association Consumers Occupational therapy focuses on enabling people to do the activities of daily life. The very word "occupation" means an activity which "occupies" our time. A child in grade school has the occupation of learning. An adult may need to learn how to write after a traumatic injury. A senior may want to continue driving safely in order to stay active in their community. All of these things are occupations and participating in them is vital to maintaining overall health and wellness. Website
American School Directory The American Schools Directory website creates a link to all 108,00 K-12 schools in America. View calendars, menus, contact information, wish lists, and even student artwork. Visit schools, vendors, learning activities, and ready made forms. Website
An Administrator's Guide to Preschool Inclusion The purpose of this guide is to address some of the issues raised by the administrators of these inclusive settings. We discuss the barriers and roadblocks these administrators encountered as they set up inclusive programs and then worked to keep them going successfully. We present practical strategies that emerged from our work, and we also draw upon the larger literature and work of others. In places, we introduce some of the people who, through their stories and experiences, illustrate how to make high quality early childhood inclusion a reality. Website
Annotated Bibliography of Children’s Books about Gender Diversity Here is an annotated bibliography of children’s books about gender diversity created by genderspectrum.org Document
Anti-Bias Education and Holidays: Making Thoughtful Decisions "Acknowledging or celebrating holidays in early childhood programs can bring pleasure to many families, staff, and children and can be useful in building connections between school and families. However, holidays also pose a range of challenges to ensuring that all children, families, and staff feel respected and to children learning about diversity of families. Whether or not to include any holidays in your curriculum, and what activities to use if you do, requires thoughtful decision making." For more information, check out this blog from the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Website
Apego en programas de atención y educación temprana (Attachment in Early Care and Education Programs) Debido a que las relaciones son la base del desarrollo y el aprendizaje, los proveedores de educación y cuidado infantil juegan un papel fundamental en la vida de los niños con los que trabajan. Esta hoja de consejos cubre cómo establecer relaciones de calidad con los niños bajo su cuidado. Because relationships are at the core of development and learning, early care, and education providers play a critical role in the lives of the children with whom they work. This tip sheet covers how to establish quality relationships with the children in your care. Tipsheet
Apoyo a los juegos psicomotrices (Supporting Big Body Play) El juego psicomotriz es esencial para el desarrollo de los niños. Comprender los beneficios del juego puede ayudar a los cuidadores a desarrollar actitudes que apoyen este juego en lugar de detenerlo. Big body play is essential to children’s development. Understanding the benefits of play can help caregivers develop attitudes that support this play instead of stopping it. Tipsheet
Apoyo de coaching de CICC: No estás solo (CICC Coaching Support: You Are Not Alone) Escuche a nuestra entrenadora de CICC, Karina Pliego Vergara, describir la forma en que el coaching gratuito de CICC puede mejorar y apoyar el trabajo que realiza como educador de la primera infancia para brindar atención de calidad a todos los niños. Listen as our CICC Coach, Karina Pliego Vergara describes the way CICC free coaching can enhance and support the work you do as an early childhood educator to provide quality care for all children. Podcast
Apraxia Kids The Apraxia Kids website offers a variety of resource information about apraxia or dyspraxia of speech. The site promotes awareness, offers posters and brochures, articles, newsletter, network communication chat room, authors and resources, and a FAQ section. The site is ideal for educators and parents. Website
Aprendizaje al aire libre (Outdoor Learning) El aprendizaje al aire libre es beneficioso para la salud y el bienestar tanto de los niños como de los cuidadores. Aprovecha al máximo tu "aula al aire libre" con estos consejos. Outdoor learning is beneficial to the health and well-being of both children and caregivers. Make the most of your "outdoor classroom" with these tips. Tipsheet