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Teamwork in the Child Care Setting- Planning Ahead Priscilla Weigel is joined by colleagues Beth Menninga and Brenda Lowe to continue the conversation related to creating a supportive team.  The discussion centers around ways to plan for coordination and building a teamwork approach to care for young children. Podcast
Teamwork in the Child Care Setting- Resolving Conflicts Conflict can happen when adults spend time together. What are the practices that you follow to support your teaching team when issues arise? This podcast addresses ways to create space for conversation in a respectful manner that helps clear the air so the team can function properly and positively. Podcast
Ten Guidelines for Effective Discipline of Young Children: Part Two In part two of our discussion Cindy Croft and Priscilla continue their discussion of effective discipline by giving us ten guidelines to follow. These guidelines support the fact that young children are still developing and gaining understanding of the world around them. They are often mistaken in their behavior of choice and need the love and understanding of an adult who cares and is patient with them as they develop tools for interacting. Podcast
The Basics of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health This resource introduces infant and early childhood mental health, discusses why it is important, and provides policy recommendations.  Document
The Beauty of Early Childhood Mathematics: Playful Math = Engaged Learning "Mathematicians often say that they find math beautiful—a sentiment that used to leave me scratching my head."  In this article for Young Children magazine, Lisa Hansel discusses how her "perspective changed while working on the article and describes math learning experiences that are meaningful and enjoyable for children and teachers." Document
The Children’s Poetry Archive Listen to the world's best poetry read out loud! You can search for poetry by age group, glossary terms, or themes! Website
The Family Child Care Setting--Meeting Varying Needs Guest Vicki Thrasher Cronin joins us again to discuss how to meet the needs of unique learners as well as those children with differing physical needs in the family child care setting. Family child care supports varied needs in that it already provides multi-age learning experiences. How do those connect to planning for care of a child with special needs? Podcast
The Family Child Care Setting--Setting Up the Environment for Success Guest Vicki Thrasher Cronin gives strategies to provide a family child care environment to care for and educate children with special needs. She shares the essentials of creating an accepting and inclusive environment that supports children of all abilities. Podcast
The Fundamentals of Consultation [Muhiimadda ay Leedahay Tala Qaadashada] Muxuuyahay tababarka ama latalinta xagga Inclusion’ka ama kamidnoqoshada ay caruurtu carruurta kale lamid noqonayso iyo sida ay faa’iido ugu tahay caruurta xanaanada ubadka yaryar lagu hayyo jooga oo baaahida gaarka ah leh?  Podcast’kaan waa podacast ama maqaalka uguhoreeya maqaalada xirrirka ah oo laxirrira arinta tababarka ama latalinta xagga caruurta sida ay kuwa kale oga mid noqon lahaayeen. Podcast
The Genius of Play Play is more than just fun and games—it helps children build a range of developmental skills that will serve them throughout their lives.  Website