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Questions from a First Time Parent: Part Two Inclusion Matters hosts Cindy Croft and Priscilla Weigel begin a 3-part series sharing conversation with a young mom, Kimberly, who is first-time parent of a toddler. She asks the hosts questions about development, screen time, sleep, bedtime and nap routines, and mealtimes. Cindy and Priscilla share their answers using information from the latest research and they also share resources that can provide listeners with more information. Podcast
Questions to Ask When Seeking Child Care (Preguntas para hacer cuando busque cuidado infantil) Al entrevistar a los cuidadores posibles, es útil ser proactivo y comenzar con las siguientes preguntas. Tipsheet
Questions to Ask When Seeking Child Care for Children with Special Needs A tip sheet with guiding questions for family members to use when seeking an early care and education program for a child with special needs. Tipsheet
Responsive Interactions This Head Start webisode explores the power of responsive, back and forth interactions with infants and toddlers
Responsiveness to Individual and Group Needs Stresses the importance of getting to know the unique and individual needs of each infant and toddler. Tipsheet
Safe Sleep for Babies Check out this 1-minute video developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on safe sleep practices for infants. A great resource to share with parents of infants in your program! Website
Safe-Sleeping Guide for Parents and Childcare Providers Creating a safe infant sleep environment is important for promoting healthy infant development, reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and ensuring quality sleep for both family members and the infant.  Document
Screen Sense What the Research Says About the Impact of Media on Children Under 3 Years Old From Zero to Three, "Babies today are born into a world full of rich human interaction and engaging screen media experiences. This leaves parents with a lot of questions! Are you curious about the role that screen media should play in your child’s life? Wondering if screen time is damaging, or if it is just another form of media (like books) that can be used to help children learn?" Website
Señales de Alarma y Referido Developmental milestones for children birth to three years of age, and what to do when there are developmental concerns. Tipsheet
Separation Anxiety in Infants and Toddlers This info module explores separation anxiety which is described as anxiety that is provoked in a young child by separation from or the threat of separation from a caregiver. Info Module