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Supporting Sensory Needs Of Young Children In Your Care

Short Description

This online self-study discusses Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and examines how and why SPD can impact an individual’s behavior. Identify behaviors and sensory system responses that may result from SPD. Implement strategies to support children with SPD by providing a variety of opportunities for different sensory experiences.

  • Knowledge and Competency Framework Area(s) - 
    • I: Child Development and Learning (4 Hours)
    • II.A: Creating Positive Learning Experiences (4 Hours)
    • II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development (2 Hours) 
  • CDA Content Area - 
    • Content Area II: Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development (4 Hours)
    • Content Area III: Positive ways to support children’ social and emotional development (2 Hours)
    • Content Area VIII: Principles of Child Development and Learning (4 Hours)
  • Level 2 - Implements

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