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Podcast: Inclusion Matters
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Podcast: Inclusion Matters
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Hmong Early Childhood Coalition


Hmong Early Childhood Coalition

Mloog peb ob tus qhua tshwj xeeb Nis Xyooj thiab Zaag Vaaj-Lis, sawv cev ntawm Hmong Early Childhood Coalition, piav txog txoj kev pab thiab kev txhawb nqa tsev neeg Hmoob uas muaj thiab saib xyuas cov menyuam yaus.  Nis thiab Zaag nkawv tau txhawb nqa lub coalition uas muaj lub hom phiaj los txhawb tsev neeg hmoob kom lawv nrhiav tau txoj kev rau cov menyuam Hmoob kom lawv tau kev kawm ntawv ntxov uas muaj nus nqis thiab zoo tshaj.  

Listen as our special guests Nee Xiong and Zang Vang-Lee of the Hmong Early Childhood Coalition share information about this wonderful support and resource for Hmong families caring for young children.  Nee and Zang have been instrumental in building this important coalition whose mission is to empower Hmong families to seek opportunities to ensure that Hmong children have access to quality early childhood education.


(Length: 19: 31)