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Center for Inclusive Child Care

Improving Quality Care and Education for Children

Coaching Testimonials

“Our coach was awesome. She really listened to what we needed, gave us strategies to try in our classroom, and talked through red flags we were seeing. She connected us to resources and was flexible in how we wanted to use her area of expertise."


CICC provides FREE relationship-based professional development (RBPD) including support, training, modeling, and resources to child care programs throughout Minnesota.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

About The Center For Inclusive Child Care

The Center for Inclusive Child Care has spent over 20 years supporting quality child care for all young children. We believe all children, especially those with special health needs, those at risk of developmental delays, those at risk of being expelled, or with a diagnosed special need, should have opportunities for safe, healthy, high quality, and inclusive learning environments.

We envision a society in which all children have opportunities for successful inclusion in community settings and parents and professionals have access to resources that support each child’s optimal development.