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Do2Learn Do2learn provides thousands of free pages with social skills and behavioral regulation activities and guidance, learning songs and games, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills. In addition, we offer premier products including View2do, JobTIPS, FACELAND, books, and apps for purchase. Website
Early Childcare Provider's Guide to Managing Challenging Behaviors Autism Speaks has published this toolkit to assist early childcare providers to improve their management of challenging behaviors in the classroom. Although the focus is on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the intervention strategies and positive behavioral methods described in the toolkit can be used for any child struggling with attention deficits, intellectual disability, anxiety and delayed social skills. Document
Early Learning Activities and Visual Supports to Teach Toddlers with Autism New Skills and Routines Family Implemented TEACCH for Toddlers (FITT) is collaborative parent education and support model designed to help families better understand and engage with their toddler with autism spectrum disorder. Based on and adapted from the TEACCH model, FITT uses Structured TEACCHing strategies to facilitate toddler’s receptive and expressive communication, social communication, and play skills. Website
Easter Seals Disability Services Expanding and developing new child care centers that provide services to children of all abilities is a challenging proposition. Easter Seals has successfully met that challenge through a national network of Child Development Centers. In our experience, two of the major barriers to the operation of and inclusive model are managing the financial resources available and the development of appropriate facilities. On this website, you can order a "Fiscal and Design Solutions Package" that gives you a financial planning booklet and excel workbook as well as a design guide. With a grant from The Child Care Bureau, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families, Easter Seals has developed two tools to help child care providers address these major barriers to inclusive child care. Website
Enabling Devices The Enabling Devices website has exceptional products for exceptional people: toys for special children. The company is dedicated to developing and providing affordable learning and assistive devices to help people with disabilities. You can shop online as well as register for email updates of new products from Enabling Devices. The site also offers custom products. Website
Encouraging Play Skills in Children with Autism This info module provides strategies to support the development of play skills in young children with autism spectrum disorder. Info Module
Evidence-based Practice Briefs Many interventions exist for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Yet, scientific research has found only some of these interventions to be effective. The interventions that researchers have shown to be effective are called evidence-based practices (EBPs). One reason for using EBPs is because, by law, teaching practices must be based on evidence of effectiveness. Each brief in this list provides an overview and general description, step-by-step instructions of implementation, an implementation checklist, and the evidence-base which includes the list of references that demonstrate the practice meets the NPDC's criteria. Website
Fargo Moorhead Families for Early Autism Treatment Fargo Moorhead Families for Early Autism Treatment (FMFEAT) is a group of parents of children with autism. They follow the model of Intensive Behavior Intervention and the Families for Early Autism Treatment. The website provides information and support for families in the Fargo Moorhead Area including advocacy, reference books, and screening tools. Website
First Signs Firstsigns is dedicated to early identification and intervention of developmental delays and disorders. This website provides screening information and tools. Website
Fragile X Research Foundation FRAXA's mission is to accelerate progress toward effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Fragile X, by directly funding the most promising research. FRAXA also supports families affected by Fragile X and raises awareness of this important but virtually unknown disease. FRAXA was founded in 1994 by three parents of children with Fragile X to support scientific research aimed at finding a treatment and a cure for Fragile X. Fragile X research is drastically underfunded, considering its high prevalence, prospects for a cure, and the promise that this research holds for advancing understanding of other disorders like autism, Alzheimer's disease, and X-linked special needs. FRAXA funds grants and fellowships at universities all over the world. We have funded more than $15 million dollars in top-notch science. FRAXA's management expenses have always been just 3% or less of income, as we have just one full-time staff, three part time staff, and hundreds of volunteer parents. Since FRAXA was founded, the Fragile X field has grown tremendously, due in large part to our grass-roots efforts. Website