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Self Regulation Strategies to support the development of self regulation in young children. Tipsheet
Sharing Concerns with Families: Having the Conversation (Part 3) In part 3 of our series on Sharing Concerns with Families, Priscilla Weigel and Cindy Croft discuss the sensitive topic of talking to a family about their child’s development. This is often one of the hardest jobs an early educator will undertake but it is critically important for the child for whom early intervention can make a world of difference. We will talk about ways to share developmental information and continue building the important relationship between parent and caregiver. Podcast
Sharing Concerns with Families: Observations and Recordings (Part 1) In this podcast, we will begin a series on the sensitive topic of how to share developmental concerns with families. The first steps in talking to families about a developmental red flag is to have objective, nonjudgmental observations and recordings that can give them an accurate developmental picture. This is foundational to a successful conversation and will help allay some of your anxiousness as you approach families with your concerns. Podcast
Sharing Concerns with Families: Setting the Stage (Part 2) Once we have gathered our information to share about a developmental concern, we need to set the stage for our conversation with the family. The ongoing partnership between the early educator, family, and child will rely on trust, confidentiality, and compassion. In this podcast, we will share some fundamental tips that will help us as we prepare to talk with the family, including when and how to hold the meeting. Podcast
Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Foundation The Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Foundation site contains information on the overall effects of Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome and the effect on specific organs or parts of the body. The site also contains a quarterly newsletter, research information, and a message board. Website
Siete Estrategias para Edificar y Aceptar un Ambiente Igualitario Los niños pequeños observan las diferencias. Señale las diferencias en los niños. Al señalar las diferencias, estamos diciendo, “todos nosotros hacemos cosas en diferentes formas y esto esta bien” Usted le puede ensenar a los niños cual diferente se construye con bloques, unos hacen una torre, unos hacen una línea recta. Tipsheet
Sight Connection The Site Connection website sells products geared towards making life easier and more comfortable for a person with vision loss. Website
Signing Savvy The Signing Savvy web site, launched in January 2009, has grown to become the most comprehensive online sign language resource for educators, students, or anyone interested in American Sign Language. The goal of the site is to provide you with the tools you need to enhance your sign language education and assist you in your day-to-day sign language communication needs. Website
Strategies for Successful Inclusion This info module discusses seven strategies and four key principles that promote the creation of an inclusive and accepting early care and education environment. Info Module
Strategies for Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 15 practical strategies to support the success of children with autism spectrum disorder in early care and school age care and education programs. Document