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Autism Society of America The Autism Society of America is devoted to working with individuals with autism and their families through advocacy, education, public awareness, and research. A mailing list, introductory info, legislative news, relevant event calendar and membership information are available on the site. Website
Autism Society of Minnesota The Autism Society of Minnesota (AUSM) provides valuable information for families and professionals regarding autism through advocacy, education, and public awareness in Minnesota. AUSM also provides workshop opportunities, support groups, and details about camp programs. Website
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Diagnosis, Prevalence, and Services for Children and Families This issue of the Society for Research in Child Development's Social Policy Report provides a summary of selected recent studies on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, prevalence, and intervention. The authors include strategies for developing social policies to help improve the outcomes and independence of children and adults with ASDs. Document
Beads on One String (Children's Book) A song celebrating diversity and universal connection comes to life in Beads on One String, a children's picture book by Minnesota singer-songwriter Dennis Warner. The book features Warner's original lyrics and the compelling message that we have more in common with people around the world than we have differences. Beautiful illustrations by regional artist Alison Love Unzelman portray a world where dreams are shared between people of all ages, sizes, colors and cultures. Says Unzelman, "Beads on One String shares a truth I believe." The book includes sheet music and a CD featuring a live recording of Warner's upbeat song. Whether spoken or sung, Beads on One String receives enthusiastic reviews from educators and parents alike. Warner writes, "The idea for this song came about by visualizing a beaded necklace, with each bead representing a different person. The beads are all different sizes, shapes and colors, but all held together by the same string." Warner hopes that the book will help readers of all ages recognize how much we have in common--a simple, but powerful step to building better relationships around the world. Document
BEAM: Bridging Education and Mental Health This info module highlights BEAM (Bridging Education and Mental Health), an intervention approach that combines strategies from education and mental health to support social and emotional development in young children. Info Module
Best College Resources for Students with Disabilities Our guide walks students with vision impairments through their legal rights, where to find assistance on campus, and provides an extensive list of websites, apps and software resources designed for students' specific needs. Website
Better Endings New Beginnings The Better Endings New Beginnings website has several different resources, all designed to rehabilitate the individual and the family unit. FAS info and games, foster care, adoption, general parenting resources, books, home schooling kids with special needs, including special needs in curriculum, and lots of local event and organization information. Search engine on site. Website
Brandon's Story, A Mother's Voice Interested in a free, award-winning video that powerfully conveys the benefits of early intervention for children and families? In addition to hearing Brandon's mother talks about the importance and impact of early intervention on her son's life and her family, you'll also hear from Brandon, a teenager who is a very talented musician. Website
Building Partnerships: Guide to Developing Relationships with Families Discover the role that positive goal-oriented relationships play in effective parent, family, and community engagement and school readiness. Find definitions, tools, and guides for reflective practice and supervision. Website
Building the Legacy for Our Youngest Children with Disabilities A Training Curriculum on IDEA 2004's Part C. Website