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Trauma, Stress and Resilience in Young Children This course provides basic knowledge about trauma and how to support children who have experiences or are currently experiencing trauma. Course
Tube Feeding Emergency Plan Sample Tube Feeding Emergency Plan Sample Document
Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (TS Alliance) The Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (TS Alliance) website provides support to individuals with tuberous sclerosis and their families. The TS Alliance awards grants to researchers and offers education to the public and professional communities. Printable articles and membership information is available on line. Website
Tubie Friends For children receiving a feeding tube, a stuffed friend with medical equipment mirroring the child's can make the entire process less frightening. As much as possible, we mirror the child's medical interventions to the animal by placing a similar feeding tube, as well as additional medical interventions such as central IV lines, tracheostomy tubes or oxygen cannulas if possible. Additionally, each Tubie Friend comes with a parent letter providing information and listing support groups for feeding tubes. Website
Tufts University Child and Family Web Guide This site provides links to hundreds of sites containing child development research and practical advice. Topics are selected on the basis of parent recommendations and cover all ages from early child development through adolescence. Document
Tuning In: Parents of Young Children Tell Us What They Think, Know and Need ZERO TO THREE, in partnership with the Bezos Family Foundation, recently conducted a comprehensive national survey of parents of children birth to 5 years. A nationally-representative sample of 2,200 parents responded. The results include findings on issues such as: parenting challenges; the dilemma of how to discipline young children; and what parents understand about early development. Document
Turner Syndrome Society The Turners Syndrome Society site is dedicated primarily to furthering people's education and understanding of Turner's Syndrome and to working with people in health fields to further understand the condition. This site is big on organizing affected families and individuals into groups to advocate and support each other. Members receive additional info and services but there is still plenty of connections and materials for the casual browser. Available in Spanish Website
Turning Down the Background Noise Could Help Toddlers Learn Loud background noise may make it harder for toddlers to learn language, according to a recent study Document
TV Interferes with Children's Language Development Study Television reduces verbal interaction between parents and infants, which could delay children's language development, says a U.S. study that challenges claims that certain infant-targeted DVDs actually benefit youngsters.
Two-Year-Old Vocabulary Predicts Kindergarten Success A recent study linking early vocabulary skills to kindergarten success highlights the importance of early intervention. Analysis of data from a longitudinal sample revealed that 24-month-old children with larger oral vocabularies displayed greater reading and mathematics achievement, increased behavioral self-regulation, and fewer externalizing and internalizing problem behaviors at kindergarten entry. Document