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Research shows the rate of expulsion for preschoolers is three times higher than children in grades K-12, according to a study by Walter Gilliam of the Yale Child Study Center. We know that early childhood professionals need tools and strategies to help combat this high rate of expulsion in their settings. According to Gilliam's study, four-year-olds were expelled at a rate about 1.5 times greater than three-year-olds. Boys were expelled at a rate over 4.5 times that of girls. CICC is committed to changing that. 

CICC believes that strong parent/provider relationships are imperative to expulsion prevention. CICC believes that reducing teacher stress is imperative to expulsion prevention. CICC believes relationship-based professional development prevents expulsion.

After receiving CICC Inclusion coaching, four out of five children at risk of being expelled are still enrolled in the child care program six months later. Inclusion coaching is a strategy that works. 

Supporting Families to Create Inclusive Child Care Opportunities for Children 

Experiencing Expulsion: A Parent’s Perspective