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Hill Naafo, a video on Inclusion for the Somali Community

HIIL NAAFO - Inclusion DVD for the Somali Community

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A 5 minute clip featuring several samples throughout the DVD is also available for viewing from Location Images.

About the video excerpts (above)
excerpt 1
The first part of this excerpt begins with narrator Huda Farah describing the child development process as it begins from birth. This is followed by descriptions of the main developmental domains with video examples. These include physical development, cognitive development, language and communication development, and social emotional development.
excerpt 2 - HIIl NAAFO call for Inclusion. A poem by Ahmed Mohmoud ´Asad´

By its name, Hiil naafo captures the essence of what life is like for people with disabilities in the Somali community. The video derives its name from this poem.

Hiil naafo is an attempt to raise public awareness through a different poetic genre by depicting the plight of those with disabilities (physical or otherwise). There is a strong appeal for promoting care and concern while rejecting derision and disdain.

In its opening verses, the poet laments the regrettable state under which people with disabilities live in the Somali community. He attempts to dissuade the community from untoward conduct or acts of ridicule towards such people. Along the way he observes how one neither chooses to be impaired, nor is one content with being in a challenged state, physical or otherwise. Such individuals therefore must not be viewed as deficient or wretched.

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